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African Mango for Increasing Fertility

African Mango has gotten a lot of positive press lately for its weight loss abilities, cholesterol-reducing properties, and its potential as a natural diabetes treatment .  As if this all wasn’t enough, African Mango has also showed promise in increasing female fertility.

African Mango for Increasing Fertility

Any woman who is battling with infertility knows how complicated the female reproductive system is.  There are numerous factors which can influence fertility, including stress levels, reproductive hormones, and sleep.  Not surprisingly, the same hormones which regulate your weight also regulate female fertility.


Weight Regulation and Fertility

Our bodies are designed for maximum survival.  If your body is struggling to survive in any way, then it will immediately shut down its reproductive abilities.  That way, your body will not have to undergo the strain of pregnancy.  To get a clearer idea of how this works, think back to the caveman days when food shortages regularly occurred.  When a woman did not get enough fat in her diet, the body sensed that it would not have enough fat to sustain a pregnancy and thus reduced fertility.  In modern times, we have seen this occur in  famine situations where starved women stop menstruating.  Female athletes may also stop menstruating or ovulating because their bodies are undergoing such strain and do not have enough fat reserves.


Leptin from African Mango for Fertility

One of the key hormones for regulating appetite is leptin.  This hormone is also responsible for regulating reproductive hormones as well.  When you consume fatty foods, the fat enters your bloodstream and triggers the production of leptin.  The leptin then goes into your brain.  When your brain senses that you have enough leptin to sustain yourself, it will shut off hunger cravings and also increase your fertility levels.


African Mango for Increasing Fertility In order to increase your fertility, you could eat more fatty foods.  However, this could obviously lead to a weight problem and other problems like high cholesterol.  Luckily, there are a few non-fatty foods which increase the production of leptin.  One of these is African Mango.  African Mango supplements are already very popular for helping people lose weight but evidence is mounting that the natural supplement will also increase fertility.


There still is a lot more research which needs to be done before African Mango is marketed as a fertility treatment.  However, all the studies to date show that African Mango has numerous health benefits, including lowering cholesterol, helping to maintain healthy weight, curbing hunger cravings, and balancing insulin levels.  If you are battling with infertility, you have nothing to lose from taking African Mango supplements but much to gain.